Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tips & Tricks in Maya #001 Buttons on the shelf

Tips & Tricks in Maya

#1 Creating buttons on shelf
Sometimes I found myself having trouble remembering hot keys since I am using different programs which has different set of hot keys. Maya has a very neat function which is creating button on custom shelf.
Like this one below
This is very easy to set up and super useful.
First go to menu, high light the function you want to create button for, hold down shift+ control, Left mouse click. Maya will generate a icon on the shelf you were currently on.

For example, I found my self using Delete history a lot. I went to edit menu, high light the Delete by type> history then hold down shift + control and click. Here is my button for delete history.

 Besides that we can generate button from script.
Remember the script Nick emailed us for Reset your  window position.
Let's generate a button for that.

First go to your email copy the mel script open up your script editor
Paste it then  ctrl+enter to run the script

High light the script and middle mouse drag over the script

select MEL since it is a mel script.

There Maya made a button for you to reset window position.
To give button a name: right mouse button -select edit
That will take you to a shelf editor
You can change the icon image, naming, lable, color...

You can even create your own shelf and save it and transfer over to other machine.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Hope this tip will help you!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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“ First  thing you are going to do as a game artist: establish the scale."
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