Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2D Class Week 05 Silhouettes

2D Class Week 05 Silhouettes 

This week in 2d class we talked about use of Silhouettes to define the shapes for characters, creatures, weapons, transports and environments.

I choose to do castle design for this assignment. It took longer than I expect but I really enjoy doing this exercise.

Time spend 4.5 hours

Monday, September 26, 2016

3D Class Week 05 Modeling A Prop


3D Class Week 05 Modeling A Prop 


For this week, the assignment is modeling a simple prop.



First thing I did is setting up right scale and making sure my top image plane match my side image plane.


My favorite part: Modeling.

Here I throw in some lights in Maya and did a quick render.

Push my model to ue4.

Time spend: 1.5 hours

Basic Walking Cycle

 Basic walking cycle WIP

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2D Class Week 04 Composition and Layout


2D Class Week 04 Composition and Layout 

This week, we learn about different composition types. We got to pick one type of composition and make a illustration with it. I choose the rule of third.

I always begin with research.

Then I did rough sketch and shading to establish the overall composition, lighting and mood.


Time Spend: 5-6 hours

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tech Art Assignment Basic Rigging

Basic Rigging

The character is provide in class. I add a simple skeleton to the character, then I did a very simple skinning. Finally I add curve controls to joints.

Tech Art Assignment 02 Intro to UE4 lighting

Some basic lighting stuff for my 2nd assignment for Tech Art

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lego_group_project_Import your FBX to UE4

Hi, guys. After your upload your FBX/maya file to the folder you need to open up your project (Lego_Group_Project.uproject) to import your FBX to the content-lego-legoblocks-round2 folder.

Inside UE4, go to your content browser, navigate to lego>legoblocks>meshes>round02 folder.
Click on the orange import button, navigate to where you save your FBX, highlight them click on open.

 Uncheck the import material, import texture, click on import all

 Double click on the mesh open up the viewer

 go to your LOD setting import your LOD Level one

uncheck the auto compute LOD, set the screen size 0.01 or whatever fit your pieces

 Connect to source control

 right click on the mesh, source control>mark for add

 Submit to source control

For right now, those are the only pieces in the mesh folder, please upload

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lego Group Project Perforce Structure Set up Guide

Lego Group Project Perforce Structure Set up Guide

By now every one should know how to connect to perforce, Password: Pw"yourNID"
Make sure you use right work space, we are using the general one (not the tech art work space) 

Go to Depot
High light folder called 3D, hit get latest button

You should get a 3D folder downloaded to your local c-drive>use>yourname>dev>Cohort13_Public>3D

Inside 3d folder, there is a Maya folder


It is where you save your .fbx and .ma/.mb

After you guys done with modeling on Friday, add to change list and submit your .fbx and .ma/.mb files to perforce. (show a example in class) If you are not sure how to do that, ask your neighbors or send me a slack message.
Inside 3D folder there is our master project folder called : Lego_Group_Project

Inside that folder, we have our Lego_Group_Project.uproject and the content folder

Inside Content Folder, there is our Lego folder

Which contains a lego blocks folder and Lego Maps folder 

 We are going to place our materials, meshes and textures inside the legoBlocks folder.

All the material goes here.
Naming convention for material: M_description_Lastname.uasset

All the mesh assets should go into Meshes-round 2
(I have last weeks assets store in Meshes-round1 folder)
Naming convention for meshes: description_Lastname.uasset

All the texture assets should go into texture folder
Naming convention for texture: T_description_Lastname.uasset

All the level information should be store inside lego Maps folder

Save your individual levels inside your group folder.

 I will talk to group lead about the overall set up for master levels 

UE4/ Perforce source Control

Let's Open up UE4 by double click on the project
go to your content browser >lego>lego map> groupMap
click on this LastnameInitialFirstname level, this is the sample level I made for you guys to begin with.

 Go to your file, do a save as

 Save your file in the same folder give it a name. Example: Mine is Ychen_Car
hit save. It should create a new level for you.

You can begin build your levels

Now we need to connect to source control


This is the setting make sure you have right server name and right workspace

 After successfully connect to server, your level or newly imported mesh/materials/textures/ should have a question mark on the right top of the icon. That means they are still local.

 Right click on the icon >source control> mark for add

 The question mark should turn into a plus sign

 Go to your source control again , choose submit to source control

 Write a description, hit ok. You should be good to go. Finally, don't forget the save your project often.

Warning: Never ever check out entire folder. You should only check out the content you made.

If you guys have any question, please feel free to ask me!