Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2D Week 9: Group Project (Shape Language) - Team Tinman

 Week 9 Shape Language

Continuing on our wizard of OZ group project, we are focus on analysis shape language and creating proxy for both character and environment.

Since the whole class is working as a group, source control is our best friend. Paul and me set up the folder structure in perforce for our class.We created 3 main folders which separate our 2d files, maya files and UE4 files.  Learn from previous Lego project, we figured we should create sub folders for each team in each main folder. Therefore when we sync files with perforce we would only need to worry about our group folders in each main folder. This would save time and storage for the class.

For Tinman group, I was assigned to do the layout in UE4.

Thanks to Kay, I got  this procedural generated forest which is super cool and helpful for set dressing a large forest scene. One thing I notice is that the trees are all exactly same and the whole forest is one mesh in UE4. I wish we can have some variations in trees. We will definitely look into that when we move on to next stage. But for now, this is just awesome and make my job 10 times easier for doing layout in the proxy stage.

Then I made this Blue print with the leaves and branches so that I can scale the whole forest up without messing things up.

Here I begin with bringing the ground geometry and forest  into the level and pick an area to focus on. 
Before I place the set dressing pieces Leah and Will made and Boo's proxy character, we did a simple scene with everything in there and test it out in VR so that we can get a sense of scale. After we figure out the exact scale we want, we have everyone fix their pieces. After I re-import the fixed meshes, I assigned a very basic material for everything. Then I did the layout.

Then I hand my level over to Leah. She did the lighting for the scene. We try to use both set dressing pieces and lighting to direct player's eyes.

Time spend: 3-4 hour

Monday, October 17, 2016

3D Class Working in a Game Engine With Final Prop

For this week, we export out texture maps from substance painter. Then we bring in low res model and textures to UE4.

In substance painter, there is a UE4 preset for exporting textures.

Here, I set up the material for the cannon.

Then I create material instance for cannon.

This is the final shot.

Friday, October 14, 2016

3D Class Week 07 Bake Maps and Digital Painting for a Prop

This week we learn about substance painter. It is my first time using this program. Substance painter is very powerful 3D painting program which allow you to bake maps, texture and render your work.

I begin with export out obj files from maya file provide by our teacher.

Here is low Res version of the Cannon.

Here is high res version of the Cannon

Then I bring the low res model into substance painter and bake the map with high res model.


Here, I begin painting and texturing my model using layers and layer mask in substance painter. It is very much like photoshop and maya combine.


This is my final result rendered using substance painter. I've learn so much through this assignment. I will keep learning and practicing. 

Time spend: 5 hours.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2D style guide Teamwork

We start a new group project this week. Our class split into 4 teams. I am in Leah's team. Team members are Leah, Boo, Connor, Kay, Will and me. Our goal is to redesign the characters and environment in wizard of OZ. The character we are going to redesign is Tinman. Our target artist is Tim Burton.

This week's task is getting inspired and having our research done. Leah, as our lead, sets up the pinterest account right after the class. We had our first meeting on Friday. As a group, we sit together and gather a lot reference images and inspiration materials. We go through all the images and pick the style we are going for and pin it on different board.

Then, each one of us pick 2 boards to make art style guide with the template Leah made.

I worked on composition/ cinematography and texture board.

I think I am in a really awesome team. Our communication is very effective. Leah is a great Leader. I'm really appreciated what she did. And special thank to Bailey who helped me with grammar.

Time spend: 3 hours

Monday, October 10, 2016

2D Class Week 07 Basic Lighting

This week in 2D, we learn about three point lighting. Three point lighting technique is widely used in photography, film and game.


For this assignment, I set up my own 3 point light on my two Chibi Maruko Chan toys.

Then, I did some sketches to establish the proportion.

Then I prepare my selection layer by shading them with different solid color.

Here, I shade my images with different values


Then I add value and lighting details for the image.

The most challenge part for me is rendering different surface materials. 

My final result with color. I have a better understanding of basic lighting by going through this assignment. Painting in Photoshop is so much fun for me, I will keep practice my digital painting skill.

Time spend: 10 hours

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tech Art Hw06 Engine Animation

This week in Tech Art class, We learn about retarget animation. Basically, it means transfer animation from one character to a different character. I use the character I rigged from hw4 and I did a calisthenic animation on him. I transfer the animation to another character which is provided by our teacher. I also retarget some provided animation to these characters. Here is my characters doing weird movement.

HW05 Blue Print

In tech art class, we learn about blue print in Unreal engine. I created 2 blue print classes for week 5 assignment. One is a treasure box that would glow as you press key "G". The other is a furnace. When player get close to it, the fire on top would light up. I also set up the environment in the scene using provide assets.

RPP second round

We are team Chicken Fried Rice

This is our second RPP game in FIEA. This time my team members are Erin (Producer), Rodrigo (Producer), Ryan (Producer), Sid(Programmer) and Paul(Artist). For this round, our task is making a game that is not just for entertainment purpose. The main objective of the game can be help solve a problem, educate/inspire, fight for a cause, change one's perspective, etc. We choose to make a game help students learn art history.
As an environment artist in the team, I did almost all the non-character related art assets. Paul did an excellent job on design and animate the character shown below.

Walking cycle animation WIP 02

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2D Class Week 06 Value


2D Class Week 06 Value

This week in class, we learn about use of value. The examples from Valve's Dota2CharacterArtGuide is supper helpful.

For this assignment, we shade the image with the line work from Matt Rhodes. We are free to choose any lighting direction we want.

I shade different part of body with different solid color. This preparation is super helpful when I begin my shading process later.

time spend: 4 Hour